Going For Gold – in print too!

Going For Gold is available in several ways now. Let me tell you them.

1. Direct from MLR Press

2. Amazon Kindle

3. In print!

There’s a reason “in print” comes complete with an exclamation mark, a grammar device I usually avoid like the plague. Another writer I worked with said once that she didn’t even like to see the phrase “I’m on fire” end with an exclamation point. Another person in my office promptly emailed her the following message: “Help. I’m on fire.”

Anyway, why the slammer at the end of the phrase? Because I’ve only actually seen a story of mine in a print anthology once before. I know electronic publishing is exciting and convenient, and the preferred method of many. But I’ve always loved print, and nothing beats cracking open a brand new book and taking a deep whiff of fresh paper and ink. I love the smell of paper, especially new books, and for the second time ever, I will get to smell my own story.

If you’re that sort of person too, please feel free to head over to Amazon and get your own copy to smell. You could also read it too. That’s entirely up to you.

About randkelly

Writer of erotica, feminist rants and other tomfoolery.
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